Do You Want to Be That Lame Victim?

Sometimes– or way too many times, we see the phenomenon of nowadays muslim teenagers rolling around indulging themselves in a bag of excuses.

“I can’t do that, that’s too hard for me, I have my own personal issues to settle first.”

“You see, I have this personal matter that interferes in my way to becoming a good muslim.”

“My family is not even religious, so why should I be?”

“Stop preaching and shut up! If you care about the ummah then you should understand I have mental problems that can’t be cured by your nonsenses!”


And where is the problem?

The problem is that they do what pleases themselves, instead of what pleases Allah swt.

The problem is that they spend more time with their gadgets more than with the Qur’an.

The problem is that they’re the victims of the elaborate plan made up by the council of shaytans.


Now, this life is pretty much like a war between shaytan and non-shaytan. Have you ever seen a war movie? Don’t the victims always look so lame as if they’re just waiting for the bullets to be sent down by planes to burn them? Don’t the victims always look so lame wishing to stay alive without actually doing anything with enough thought put into them? Don’t the victims always look so lame when they somehow survived and think it was all because of his cool action when in fact he was actually saved by the real hero? Don’t you just want to punch this lame survivor in the face for being super arrogant?

Do you want to be that lame survivor– who might end up dying at the end anyway since he is so obnoxiously arrogant?


No, you don’t!


Be the hero, friend! The hero who stays optimistic no matter how bad the situation looks! Be the hero who are capable of using whatever utility is present in front of them! Be the hero who thinks, and acts and shouts in sync with the other heroes to he command of the general! Be the hero who saves other and keeps them save! Be the hero who comes up with elaborate plans and execute them! Be the hero who pilots the plane and manuevers around in the sky daintily dodging the bullets of the enemy! Be the hero who looks super cool without meaning to: with ashes on their face, sweat trickling down their forhead, chest pumping up and down in exhaustion, stomach filled with nothing but ransom, head full of nothing but knowledge of the next plan, the current plan, and the victory. Be that humble hero who thinks of himself as nothing but as a part of the troop.

Be that cool guy– or girl. Be that hero in your own story. Remember the war will someday come to an end. Remember the victory will soon come crawling into your hand. You’re part of the war and you’re not alone. And be humble, since people with a mustard-seed of arrogance in their heart will not enter jannah.


“Indeed, Allah loves those who fight in His cause in a row as though they are a [single] structure joined firmly.” (AsShaff(61):4)


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